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SEO Bristol – What does it mean ?

SEO Bristol is basically, Search Engine Optimisation. This is a method used when building websites, so that search engines can rank your website by the quality of content you've written, compared to the keywords or key phrases you requested your website content to be found under. For example, is a Bed and Breakfast in Bristol. Roylands Farm Cottage is Based in Almondsbury, so a keyword or key phrase that they have chosen is obviously Bed and Breakfast in Almondsbury

So when a major search engine reads your content and keywords it will rank your website on a number of factors and provide you with a website ranking accordingly ( Where that page will show on a search engine page listing). Below you will find an example of this and you will be able to see the results of the SEO. (search engine optimisation and website ranking)

Website Ranking – SEO BRISTOL

Ok, so the above paragraph shows you one simple method that will help get your website ranking higher, however there are many different factors that can also affect your website ranking like alt tags and image tags, backlinks, meta tags and meta description blah, blah, blah.

Amount of Competition

As you can see from the search results and website ranking on the links to the left, you can see that the actual number of related searches for the keywords, and key phrase chosen (Website Design in Thornbury), produce a massive 261,000 search results. (as of today 21/10/2014) When you have optimised your website correctly, you should be ranking up at the top of the list.

Bristol SEO – Choosing The Right SEO Designer

Competition is huge on the internet nowadays and getting the right designer on board is going to be the key to your success. If you perform a search on Google for anything that may relate to your business, you can always see the amount of related searches for those specific keywords or phrases. nnTo get the right advise. To get the right help. Call Thornbury Website Design on 01454 418593 or 07857 345 094. We are always happy to offer advise on SEO ( search engine optimisation )

Search Engine Optimisation Bristol – Your Content is Key

For your website to rank well on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, you must also make sure your content is unique. By this I mean written by you, in your own words and not copied and pasted from somebody else's website. Apart from possibly getting yourself into a legal battle, copying other peoples website wording, will actually dramatically decrease the chances of your website being listed highly in search engine results, and you could also find your website is blacklisted. A blacklisted website is picked up by Google and basically bans your website from its search engine for providing duplicate content that matches another existing websites content. Once this happens, you will have very little, to no chance of getting that website re-listed withing that specific search engine again.

How do we fit in with your SEO Bristol Campaign ?

If you are like many other business owners, you probably do not have a lot of additional time on your hands after taking care of all of your other day to day responsibilities.nNevertheless, you ought to know that it takes lots of time and hard work to manage a successful SEO campaign. This is where we can step in. If you are pushed for time already, you should consider using website design Thornbury - Bristol's SEO services; otherwise, you could find that you might have to invest hours upon hours of your time, and what you maybe doing, may not be beneficial to what your trying to achieve.nnTo get the right advise. To get the right help. Call Thornbury Website Design of Bristol on 01454 418593 or 07857 345 094. We are always happy to offer advise on Bristol based SEO ( search engine optimisation ) projects.

How to put your SEO right with SEO BRISTOL

You may have tried for many months to look after and run your Bristol SEO campaign successfully, but your efforts have yielded poor results. Your bound to be thinking about what sort of cost this service is and what exactly do you get for your money ? Well with our Bristol SEO campaigns we keep it simple. We will give your website a FREE SEO evaluation.

From this we will be able to tell you what exactly is going to be needed to make your website rank higher in search engines. Once we are given the go ahead to start work your website we will go through all your wording, your website coding and your images and make sure they are all optimised for the relevant search terms that you want to be found under. Once we have done this, we will re-submit your website to search engines so the new SEO strategy can be picked up. Once your site has had all pages re-indexed, we will be back in touch with you and let you know how each keyword is performing.

Ok, so we have done the main park of your SEO now what we need to do is keep working on your site in order to keep it where it should be on search engine listings IE on the first page of Google. In order to do this we may need to submit articles to blogging websites. Create high quality inbound links with the correct anchor text and get your site registered in directory listings.

All of the above work takes a lot of time to do, so we advise you to call us, let us go through your site and let us find a away of giving you this service at a price you can afford, and a price thats going to manageable for your new SEO Bristol campaign.

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