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Adwords – Online Advertising Campaign in Thornbury – Bristol

If you've got a website that looks great and its not performing, then the chances are that the site isn't being found on search engines. There are three main reasons for this. One is that your existing website wasn't designed (optimized) to be found on a search (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc), Or its been built with SEO added, yet it hasn't been implemented properly by your website designer or (number three) the sites young and hasn't been picked up or crawled by the search engines yet.

Using Google Adwords – Getting your Website Seen

OK, so we have now worked out why your website design isn't working, now we need to either work our way around the specific problem in order to turn the negative into a positive. First thing we do is analyse your website content and also communicate with you to find out what the website is actually trying to set out to achieve. Then we can come up with either fresh content and implement essential keywords that reflect what your customers may well be looking for.

Thornbury Website Design builds in specific terms to be picked up in search engines such as "E-Commerce Website Design" because that a search term we want to be found on search engines under.

Getting Your Google Adwords Campaign Live

Once we've sorted through your site and worked with you to find your correct keywords and search phrases we will create a Google Adwords campaign for you. The campaign with run initially for approx a month. The cost of the Adwords campaigns can vary greatly depending on the keywords selected. (Some keywords are used more frequently thus making them more competitive and more expensive.)

Monitoring Your Google Adwords Marketing Campaign

Thornbury Website Design will however give you different levels of Adwords Campaign Levels i,e we may start your Google Adwords campaign off, at as little as £3 per day. We will also set you up with a daily budget so that you will always be in control of the campaign expenses and not be surprised by any large unexpected bills.

If you look at the image on the left hand side, you will see that your specific keywords and search terms used in your Google Adwords campaign will show up on the Top of your search page and down the side. (This is highlighted in red.)

Once your Adwords Campaign is up and running, we will monitor it on a daily basis and make sure the campaign is running to, and achieving its maximum return on investment for you. If we feel any changes need to be made we will contact you, and run through any changes we may feel necessary and adjust accordingly.

For further info on Marketing your website and for more information on running a Google Adwords Campaign, please contact us on 01454 418 593 or 07857 345 094 for prompt service and impartial advise.

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