Garage Suppliers Web Design

Trojanges Garage Suppliers Thornbury

Trojanges supplies garages all over the UK with Garage Equipment

Garage Supplies Website Design

Trojanges needed a unique web design, That could (in time) be easily manipulated into a full blown E-commerce website. At the moment the website is only being used a catalogue for its customers to browse and order over the phone. Once the facilities have been put in place for them to cope with purchasing on-line they will switch the site over and provide a full on-line, ordering system.

Their website has got a content management system built into it. This means they can manage all products, offers and prices. They can amend these at any time with no outside input from us. They can also add and remove when needed.

If you need en E-commerce Website designed then call us on 01454 418593 or 07857345094

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