B&B Web Design

Roylands Farm Cottage Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast Website Design. Roylands Farm Cottage Bed and Breakfast provides a B&B Service for Aztec West - Almondsbury - Cribbs Causeway They're Based in Almondsbury

Design Requirements

The Roper family have been using our bed and breakfast website design services for over 4 years. We done their initial design over 2 years ago, and in the speed of the internet their website looked a bit outdated so we freshened it up !

We updated all the coding to reflect the newer standards of HTML 5 and CSS3 (basically it means the site will get read better by search engines and be faster loading.) Next we added an additional web page that covered some of the key local attractions around the area to show the potential visitors what the local area had to offer. We also tapped into some of the larger local employers in the area and linked through to them. This may help visiting employees from afar, find a place to rest up.

Redhill Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast Website Design. Redhill Farmhouse provides a B&B Service for North Bristol - Based in Elberton

Design Requirements

Shirley of Redhill Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast had website for her Bed and Breakfast business, however it was looking dated. The first thing we had to do was give the website a nice warm welcoming feel and the colours that reflected the colours of the Bed and Breakfast.

Secondly we needed to provide a website that was easy to navigate and not to complicated.

Thirdly and most importantly we need the website to be found. I.E. optimised so that results are reflected well on search engines. Shirley had a presence on Google previously, but the results werent as high up the listings as she required. With the optimisation now added to the website the results have already shown an increase in search engine rankings for her Bed and Breakfast.

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